Our first collection SÓLLER 4714 was inspired by the postwar period. Time that we come to know thanks to the stories that our Italian and Spanish grandparents told us. Remembering austerity, they encouraged us to embrace simplicity as a path to well-being. The dark gray fabric of the garments, found in an old factory in Mallorca, combines the initial rigidity of the starch with the softness that is acquiring the more they are used.

This was the first time we presented design aprons ready to go out on the street.

Sóller is a small municipality in the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, located on the northwest coast of the island of Mallorca. The island has an important textile history, in fact there is evidence that before 1400 silk was produced and traded.

In each house there was a small workshop where fabrics were produced, a small industry marked by historical events. History made on the streets of Sóller, impossible not to be fascinated by the large number of small shops, artisan workshops, markets and streets full of life and creativity.

SÓLLER 8485 

SÓLLER 8485 is our new collection, a capsule collection fruit of the evolution of our first project. We maintain the brand essence, but we introduced cuts inspired in the 90’s through more youthful and fresh lines. We continue to use fabrics with forgotten histories, recovered, manufactured as before, creating a unique and high quality fabric. We keep betting on sustainability and buying the raw material in Spain, trying to reduce carbon footprint to the maximum.

This new collection takes us to our childhood and adolescence, an era marked by an optimistic and lighter look, a time to stumble and rise, in which two visions coexist, reality and passion. For us, this stage is visceral, like the animal that anybody has not yet been able to tame. Our parents instil us a series of values we are not ready to assimilate. It is the ideal time to lose our heads for small things and to think only in the Carpe Diem.

Always having in mind what our grandparents taught us, because ADVANCING IS NOT ALWAYS GOING FORWARD. The history of our ancestors together with our own experiences is used to present a funnier, fresher collection, casual in its forms, but more mature in its creation and presentation.