We look for our product to have a balance between creativity, design and sustainability. A durable and timeless product that comes to tell a long story with which our client feels pampered.

We use fabrics with forgotten stories, recovered from old warehouses, closed factories, small neighborhood shops, etc. Fabrics made as before, when people participated in the entire production process, creating a fabric of high quality and unique.

We offer a product with the perfect balance between creativity, design and sustainability. We want to give a new concept to the work uniform, reinventing its image to create designer workwear.

A job that is carried out with expert hands that take care of every detail, from the pattern and the cut to the confection. A process that culminates with a unique and inimitable character.

We came to conqueer the streets.

The apron has been a very badly treated cloth throughout history, associated with the typical misconception of a housewife. Our challenge is to give it another chance and leave behind all the prejudices that’s been carrying all along history. Our brand is extremely inspired by the history of jeans, a garment that was created with a concrete functionality and nowadays has become part of our daily lives.

Why wouldn’t something like this could happen with the apron?


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